Who We Are

Our Approach

Founded in July 2016, AsylumWorks (formerly called the Asylum Seeker Assistance Project) was built to help solve a longstanding problem: Asylum seekers arrive in the U.S. with many needs but few resources of their own. These needs often persist throughout and even after what is typically a long and arduous legal process. Many of these needs can interfere with an asylum seeker’s ability to participate in the legal process. AsylumWorks provides holistic services and support to help asylum seekers regain confidence and control over their lives so they can fully participate in the asylum process. As a result, asylum seekers who are able to access our services are dramatically more likely to win their legal case.

Our Mission

Through direct services and support, AsylumWorks empowers asylum seekers and other immigrants fleeing violence to rebuild their lives in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia, and provides expert tools and training to increase the effectiveness of immigrant-serving organizations nationwide. 


Our Values

We Practice Radical Hospitality

We do whatever it takes to make our clients feel welcomed, supported and hopeful. Our services are designed to address their most pressing needs.

We Respect Our Clients

We do all we can to support the dignity and agency of our clients.

We Are Courageous

We take the risks necessary to accomplish audacious goals.

We Collaborate

We partner strategically with a diverse group of allies to offer a comprehensive range of client services and address our shared needs for broader systemic change.

We Own Our Work

We demand excellence of ourselves and our partners, and take responsibility for the results of our work.

We Are Passionate

We are committed to our mission, to each other, and to building a better world.