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Working with immigrants requires special knowledge and skills. We offer a variety of expert-led services designed to increase the skill, confidence and competence of service providers and other helpers who work with asylum seekers in a personal or professional capacity. Our goal is to build a network of individuals, organizations, and institutions ready and able to work with asylum seekers and other forcibly displaced immigrant populations.


The United States is home to millions of asylum seekers and other forced migrants but few experienced providers. From the beginning, AsylumWorks’ unique service approach has positioned us as a thought leader for community partners in this space. Our virtual workshops are designed to provide helpers from a variety of backgrounds with the tools, skills, and advice they need to meet the growing need among asylum seekers for services and support. In addition to our virtual workshops, AsylumWorks also offers professional, animated training videos and comprehensive e-learning modules customized to your organization’s programs, mission, staff, and populations served.


AsylumWorks is proud to have partnered with Welcome.US to create a virtual, nationwide training series for volunteers and community helpers working with Afghan newcomers. This dynamic, five-part workshop series explored topics such as Practicing Trauma Informed Care, Cultural Humility, and Navigating U.S. Resettlement Systems. One of our most popular workshops, Skills to Support Afghan Newcomers in Crisis, was converted into an animated training video.

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