"AsylumWorks taught me how to open doors for myself and not just stand and wait for doors to be opened."



What We Do

Social Services

Asylum seekers come to the U.S. with many needs but few resources of their own. AsylumWorks provides services to help clients build healthy, safe, and stable lives.

Our wraparound services include:

  • Offering safe and supportive relationships that validate and normalize client feelings
  • Helping clients understand and manage the ongoing effects of trauma
  • Providing information and referrals to local organizations that can offer food, clothing, and needed supplies
  • Connecting clients to our trusted network of free and low-cost immigration attorneys
  • Introducing clients to healthcare providers trained to work with asylum seekers
  • Helping clients plan and problem-solve their way out of crisis

Fikadu was empowered to explain difficult information to her children back home.

Now her family understands why she is in the United States.

Rafael and Isabel found safe housing.

Now they are looking for work near their home

Helen and her children were connected to a free medical clinic.

She no longer goes to the emergency room when her son has an asthma attack.

Program Impact


of clients report improved mental health


of clients can access healthcare


of clients can access community resources